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Peace March on Washington 2005-09-24

Cindy Sheehan's patient vigil, the rising death toll, and the failed response to hurricane Katrina have combined to raise public concern about the war in Iraq. It is a good time for a peace march to demonstrate the public opposition to the war, and the connections to the broader issues of social justice.
Here is where we met in Cleveland at Detroit Ave. and W. 65th:

Really, I can quit buying bumper stickers anytime I want:

After making so many origami peace cranes, Emily needed some rest.

Sue was will us again, and I remember that in 2003, Sue was our leader, not our "captain":

Here is our bus group:

Here we remember Cindy Sheehan's fallen son. There are still opennings to volunteer for the vigil.
Here is someone is a joyful mood.

Here is someone with a joyful sentiment:

A deep thought on a thin truck:

It is good think about what your sign will say:

Some people got it right:

Some even look the part:

I was surprised how many did not get the message:

No wonder Bush left town for the weekend.

A peaceful message, so peacefully presented, where few noticed:

Some simple messages were effective.

I had trouble understanding this one

until I saw the sign on the side.

One of these is Steve from PDA:

This is how close I was to Cindy Sheehan when she spoke:

Here, Here!

Remembering Rachel Corrie's story made my eyes teary.

Here is a message that can appeal to those who care about children.

Some signs were not exactly clear to me.
What type of war does she want?

Why take the label of "enemy"?

Does the owner of this really want it to be clear?

U or I?

War is expensive, Peace is pricesless . . .

These Quakers are from Cambridge, Mass.

Expressing the suffering of war can be done directly or through the art of the Bread and Puppet Theater.

The "billionaires" had fun.

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