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National Lawyers Guild's second day in Chiapas

On 2005-03-13, the rest of the National Lawyers Guild delegation arrived in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. The delegation had free time during the day, and convened for organization and education from S! Paz.

Here is the note that called us together:

Here is the security for the toll plaza to San Cristobal:

Here is Posada Carmelita, where we stayed:

S! Paz is an international peace group that has stayed on to deepen understanding of the roots of conflict and the opportunities to make peace and justice.

The Templo de Santo Domingo hosts a market in its courtyard ...

... and a museum in its north end

The museum tells a history of Chiapas through maps. At times, Chiapas is its own place, between Mexico and Guatemala.

Live birds are for sale on the street.

Viginia showed Peter Henner where he could find the chess club.

Looked who walked in at lunch time. Our friends Andrzej Piotrowski and his wife Yana. We went to La Casa del Pan for lunch.

Leah and Thad's arrival made our delegation complete.

At S! Paz, Marina Pages tells us the history of conflict and peace making in Chiapas. Here, in 1995, hopes are raised by a renunciation of violence and negotiations with the government.

Marina explains the government's strategy of separating rebels leaders from their base of support, and why it didn't work. She explained how the Zapatista movement worked for years to build lines of interconnection amoung Chiapan communities, and self-development within each community.

Dinner, again, is at La Casa del Pan. This time I had the tomales chiapateco. They were good.

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