First Christian Church
104 Third Street NW
New Philadelphia
December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve Service

PRELUDE: Micah Carrick, Taylor Williams
Spencer Morgan
  Luke 2:1-7
SPECIAL MUSIC:"Welcome to Our World"
CHRISTMAS SCRIPTURE: Courtney Douglas, Whitney Kneffler
  Luke 2:8-18

Taylor and Micah:

Courtney and Whitney

SPECIAL MUSIC: Micah & Larissa Carrick
  "O Holy Night"
Larissa and Micah

Tyler self-portrait

CHRISTMAS SCRIPTURE: Hannah & Gabe Hixenbaugh
Matthew 2:1-11
Jim Borton
Jim Borton

Jim Borton's message: Can we relate to the gate that is closed to God, the person who needs to learn more, the person who has arrived but with baggage, or to the star?

          We joyfully greet our members and their loved ones and all our visitors on this Christmas Eve! We remember together, with awe and gratitude, how God shone His light into our darkness on that first Christmas. We pray that we may be bearers of His light to all who languish in the darkness of poverty, illness and fear. May we share with them the light that shines from the face of our Lord Jesus Christ.
          It is requested that there be NO applause during this service, in keeping with the solemnity of this special night. Please turn off your cell phones and pagers.
          It is our simple prayer that your family experiences the love of Christ this Christmas season.
                                                        Jim Borton and Staff

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