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Laura and Richard's 2006 trip to Guatemala, page 5

Today, 2006-11-15, presented a variety of activities. Richard had his K'iche' instruction from Rigoberto. Laura went back to Cruz Chex with Father José David to see the continued construction of the radio tower. Then we toured Aguacatán with Padre David, rode his horse, and saw a site available for a women's center. Finally, we visited the families of Melvin, Antonio, Renardo and Rudy. Today's background is of corn and beans, growing together.

To understand this first image, you need to know that "felices" means "happy," and the Spanish word for "cow" is "vaca."

Get it? This is a sign posted in the parrochial school. "Vaca"tion runs from November until January.

Richard is learning to count all over again. His instructor, Rigoberto, is happy about it, too.

Beans (black beans, in this case) are grown with the corn to help fix nitrogen in the soil.

This is a teacher's meeting. Present are Alberto, Padre José David, Veronica (director), Marta, Estel, Jesus and Ana Rosa. They appreciated receiving children's books and a poster from St. Joseph's School in Dover.

Here is the school library. Five years ago, it was a dormitory that hosted the 2002 delegation from St. Joseph's to Chex.

This bridge to Chex has a hole in it. We got out of the vehicle while it crossed what is left of the bridge.

The "Muni" government has money to install a tile street in front of the substitute Muni hall, but not to fix the bridge.

The radio tower in Cruz Chex has several new sections since yesterday.

Padre José David enjoys a ride on his horse.

The radio station still needs some large donations for the equipment.

Laura and Richard also got to ride the horse. Here is Laura's turn. Why is there no photo of Richard's turn? Because Richard is the one making the web page.

We visited the families of Melvin, Antonio, Renardo and Rudy. Here is Renardo's wife, Lucretia, with their two children. You can also see the photos of our 2004 visit.



Rudy's family.

Mom is proud of Melvin's work with Miguate.

She is not the only proud Mom.

Laura's note:
Padre José David y Padre Bill en Dover son muy similares. Los dos padres tienen vistas grandes para mejorar las vidas de la gente in sus parroquias. Agui en Aguacatan Padre José David espera a empezar una escuela para mujeres hovenes, abrir clinicas nuevas en comunidades en las montanas, empezar un programa de consejar las mujeres, construir un estacion de radio (para influencir la paz) y mucho mas. Father José David esta trabando en la comunidad para ayuadar a resolver conflicto despues de los "killings" y injusticias. Para obtenir la paz la gente necesita buen tratimentos y el uso correcto de los fundos en la municipalidad. Para mi, estuvo difficile a ver los soldados con armas grandes en la cuadra entre la iglesia y la casa de Melvin. Todo la gente aqui prefieren vivir en paz sin la potentialidad de guerra. Father José David reminds us alot of Father Bill in Dover. Both priests have a tremendous vision to improve the lives of the people in their parish. Here in Aguacatan Father José David is hoping to start a new school for teenage girls, open new clinics in mountain communities, start a counseling program for women, create a radio station and much more. Father José David is working to help this community heal from the recent killings and injustices. Peace requires fair treatment of the residents and the proper use of municipal funds. I found it difficult to adjust to seeing soldiers in riot gear with machine guns in the block between the church and Melvin's home. People here really want to live in peace without armed conflict.
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Other photos of this trip are available on the following pages: first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth (next page).

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