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Laura and Richard's 2006 trip to Guatemala, page 6

We are home now, but there are a few photos from our last days in Guatemala that did not make it into the previous pages. This was my third trip to Guatemala and Laura's fourth. It was time for us to learn local public tranport. So, we took a bus from Huehuetenango to San Francisco El Alto. We were pleased that Rodrigo could meet us there. We fondly remember Rodrigo's leadership in the UFCW union drive, and we are honored that he invited us into his home for our last full day in Guatemala. After a visit with Miguel and Epie's father in San Francisco El Alto, we were off to Rancho De Teja. We got to meet his lovely wife, Angelica, and their one-year-old, Alfonzo. Rodrigo took us to Xela to catch the bus to Guatemala City. There we met with Eduardo's wife, Margarita, their children Marali and Hector, and Margarita's brother Manuel and his wife Roje. Our final visit in Guatemala was with Pedro and his wife Marta. They came to the Aeropuerto Guest House to chat about that same UFCW union drive and catch up.

The rainy season is over now in Guatemala, and flowers are blooming, including those shown in our brackground. They are growing among the corn stalks.

Here, our hosts in Aguacatán, Maria and Juana, dress Laura up in Awakateko typica. It is a touching farewell.

This painting of the kiosk, market and cathedral in San Francisco El Alto hangs in the Municipal building.

In San Francisco El Alto, we met with Salvador Gonzalez, the vice-mayor. He is the father of Miguel and Epie.

We also visited the family's clothing store, the same one we visited in 2000.

This is a map of the "aldeas" or villages of the Municipality of San Francisco El Alto.

We bid farewell to Salvador. Shown here are Laura, Domingo, Rodrigo, Salvador and Richard.

In Jesus' house, the community gathered for a rosary service. We were honored to be included.

During the rosary, Laura told the story of how Rodrigo was assaulted by a supervisor during the union drive. "This cross is a symbol for the union," the supervisor said. I agree.

Here is the house where Rodrigo and Angelica live with their son Alfonzo, Rodrigo's mother, and other relatives.

Here is the house where Rodrigo grew up, and where he lived until he left for the U.S. (house with red roof). They have more room now that Rodrigo earned enough to build the new house (shown on right with Domingo and friends).

We saw a soccer practice, and the players enjoyed seeing digital photos of themselves.

The really great soccer players have to start early. Alfonzo understands.

Overnight, a litter of 10 piglets was born.

Cat and dog get along.

In the morning, Rodrigo took me for a walk. The image of a man carrying such a load made me think of how much luggage we had.

At Juan's house, I got to see a "molina" in use. The customers put their dried corn in the top. It is mixed with water and then ground into meal. This is the meal that is patted by hand into tortillas, or used for other traditional dishes.

Rodrigo has this photos hanging above his bed. It shows UFCW organizer Tim Mullins with Rodrigo, Pedro and others.

Here we gather to say farewell with Juan, Domingo, Fancisco, Mario, Laura, Angelica, Richard, Rodrigo and Alfonzo (who really is ready to go).

Guatemala: Where the gas prices of tomorrow are available today!

The cab of the truck was just too crowded, so Richard jumped into the back of the "picop." He was just going with the flow.

Myself, I would get "Super."

Hector reads a new book.

Marali rushes a letter for us to carry to Ohio.

Marali, Hector and Margarita, in the "Santa Lucia Tienda" in San Rafael, Zona 18, Guatemala City.

Manuel and Roje, in the same tienda.

Our last visit is with Marta and Pedro. We recounted Pedro's efforts, with Tim and Rodrigo, to organize the union.

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Other photos of this trip are available on the following pages: first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth.

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