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Laura and Richard's 2004 trip to Guatemala

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Sta. Lucia & Chiwan

Laura and I went to Guatemala from 2004-04-12 to 2004-04-28. Most of our time was spent in Xela, Guatemala's second largest city (although Huehuetenango is catching up). We went to Xela to study Spanish at Centro de Estudios de Espanol Pop Wuj. Perhaps the most important part of our trip is visiting the families of Guatemalans who now live our part of Ohio. We brought pictures, letters and gifts on behalf of their "paisanos" in Ohio. We met their parents, grandparents, wives, and children. We took pictures to take back to their paisanos. We got to see their homes and families so we could better understand our friends. Here is the party that greeted us at the airport. It includes Eduard's wife, Margarita, Miguel's parents, Salvador and his wife, and Catarino's father Cristobal:

Margarita receives a gift from her husband.

Cristobol studies the photos of his son on the ride to Xela.

We stop for lunch at Los Pedros in Apolonia.

Laura meets with her teacher from 2001, Carlos Lima.

Carlos invited us to the grade school where he teaches now.

Richard taught English.

Lilia likes Laura.

So do other kids.

Some people have to work.

Our first visit is from Maria Manuel-Nicolas and Melina Francisco-Pascual.

Here is one way to travel.

Sta. Lucia de la Reforma & Chiwan

Our first trip away from Xela is to Santa Lucia de la Reforma.
Gaspar and friends pick us up for the ride.

Laura enjoys talking with the women in back.

Someone else enjoys the ride.

The map showed the road was pretty straight.

This was a good place for a rest stop.

Here is the new church building in Chiwan.

Here is the Comite Consejo.

I shared photos of loved ones in Ohio.

Laura received a jacket.

The old church is too small.

In the new church, only one window has its heart.

They took us into their home.

Armando called as soon as we arrived.

Pablo wrote our English words.

We met Felipe's family.

And Pedro's.

And Armando's.

And Florencio's.

They cooked for us.

And got up before dawn to get us to Aguacatan.


Padre Gabriel Rodriguez was our host.

Remigio's Dad:

And wife:

We saw the farmacia.

Even inside.

A poster against lynchings.

Louis greets us.

It finally works.

Renardo & Melvin's family.



Renardo's wife, Lucretia, and daughter, Magdelena.

Celestino with novia, Santa.

The road to Chex.

San Francisco El Alto & Paxixil

Salvador meets us at the kiosk.

Inside the cathedral.

Mail call.

Mountains around Paxixil.

Presentacion Perez staffs a clinic by the Romero Center.

Laura meets Silver's Grandmother.

Laura delivers pictures.



Miguel's Grandmother.

Catarino's house in Paxixil.

Cristobal, Catarino's father.

Sewing is a family business.

Domingo's wife Bartola.

Bartola gets a letter.

Domingo's family gets the pictures.

Reunited with Pedro, Miguel Carlos's father.

Pedro points to his picture of us.

They feed us.

Neri interviews us.

I couldn't resist.

Alberto lectures on the Pop Wuj.


Our longest trip was to Canilla, El Quiche. We saw Anastacio, Diego, and the families of Oscar and Carlos. We met Padre Rudy, Hermanas Rosa and Soaura, and Allison Deitch. We visited Chijo, Rincon and Chimistan. Click here to see the Canilla page.

Pop Wuj is located in the second floor of this building. It is at the corner of Calle Rodolfo Robles, 19th Ave. and Primera Calle in Xela. The entrance is on the right, off Primera Calle.

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