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Latin American Art in Stark County, Ohio
presented at 2nd April galerie

"Kabuki" by Hector Castellano Lara

Artistic Statement of Hector Castellanos Lara

Nothing fascinates me more than emerging images, that appear one by one. The unfolding secrets of a surface, the progression, the ritual of painting. From chromatic landscapes, phantasmagoric figures, geometric shapes, soft washes build, traditional bold latin shades explode. This is a manifestation of my unlimited expression and my urgency to paint various themes depending how I feel during that particular moment. The real and the surreal fuse within my work. At the heart of my struggle is an effort to defeat classification, and effort to express the infinite.

An orb


Melvin, Steven & Kevin

Jeff, Rafael & Hector





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Dated 2005-09-18
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