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Biking in Oberlin 2005-07-14

The Ehrhardts invited us to bike in Oberlin on 2005-07-14. First, though, Tyler and I met my father and Marlane, who just happen to be in Oberlin on the same day. Here are some pix:

Here is Dan and Marlane at the Hallauer House Bed & Breakfast.

While waiting, Tyler had time to asseble and ride the unicycle.

Then Susan showed Tyler how to ride a tandem.

Tyler rode with Rikki.

Notice that Tyler likes the one-rider to one-tire ratio?
We did not take this rest break until after half an hour of biking.

We sent the vegetarians out to look for McDonald's. None were found.

I did not believe in staying up with the rest of the pack.

Eric makes a repair.

Hank & Rikki

Tyler appreciated how the "stoker" can pick up his feet and rest, especially when Susan is "captain."

Luckily, we never needed this ambulence.

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