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Trip to Washington DC, 2005-07-08 to 2005-07-10

Our annual trip brought us to Washington DC, to see the Holocaust Museum, and other sites. Here are some pix:

First we dropped off Jennie with Elsa and her family.

Then we went straight to the White House ...

and the Bill of Rights in the National Archives.

Right after this picture, we learned that flash photography is not allowed in the National Archives.

Tyler studied the Declaration of Independence.

We got to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum early to get tickets.

Tyler liked this quote from Ike.

I liked this quote.

They allow pictures here, not in the exhibits.

The National Aquarium.

Petting a horseshoe crab.

Thank you, glass.

"I just gotta take this picture."

Tyler was VERY interested in the flight simulators.

We stayed at the William Penn House near the Capitol Hill South Metro stop.

The International Spy Museum does not allow photographs.

Home at last.

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