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National Lawyers Guild's fourth day in Chiapas

Our main purpose for this delegation was to share a conference with La Red de Defensores. This conference began on 2005-03-15, the fourth day of this delegation trip.
Kerry and Peter are up early preparing for the workshop.

We walk about a mile on Calle Ejercito National (National Army Street)

It was a long walk to the offices of "La Red" (The Network).

Laila helps review the agenda.

La Red has its own banner.

Peter presented the remedy available through the Alien Tort Claims Act (ATCA).

Francisca explains that she is learning to document human rights violations even though people question why a woman would be interested.

During a break, Peter and Mercedes visit with Miguel Angel.

Laila recalled her birthday party shown in the photos.

Larissa, Ramon and Mel

A T-shirt

Domingo and Victoria help Leah play out a model of traditional international law that arises from conflict, and sheilds nations from review of internal matters.

The right to cultural integrity.

Victor and Francisco participate in matching human rights violations with the applicable principals of international law.

Group photo at lunch.

Maria reads about human rights violations. Then we had a lunch of rice, beans and vegetables that Lidia made for everyone.

We visited the law school class of Prof. Miguel Angel de los Santos.

Larissa explained NLG's National Police Accountability Project.

A student took a group photo.

We answered student questions about the independence of public defenders, and how we can have the death penalty and claim to be a just nation.
The University (UNACH) has art murals.

We had a late dinner at La Pera

Laila's art hangs at La Pera.

Sunburn did not deter Mel from having fun.

Terrorism is unpopular in Chiapas, too.

At night, the streets of San Cristobal are ruled by roving bands of American law students, legal workers and lawyers.

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