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Laura and Richard's 2006 trip to Guatemala, page 3

Laura and I are still in Aguacatán, Guatemala.

The background is from a wall in the house of Antonio, Carlos and Oscar in Llano Coyote, Aguacatán.

Our trip from Nebaj to Aguacatan was delayed. When we finally got to Aguacatán, Tia Reyna met us to guide us to San Miguel. Below is the path we walked to get there. We walked up the hill to the church in the upper right. This photo is taken from the parroquia in Aguacatán, where we started from. The people in Aguacatán speak Awakateko. Up on the hill, in San Miguel, people speak K'iche'.

Tia Reina met us at the parroquia for our walk to San Miguel.

When we got to the church, there were over 200 people inside waiting for us. Some of the children were eager to see us.

Santa's uncle, Rigoberto, translated Laura's remarks into K'iche'. Rigoberto is also Richard's K'iche' instructor.

Santa's grandparents, and her cousin, Matias (called Tix in K'iche'), who is blind but plays an uplifting sing-a-long.

On our second day in Aguacatan, we had language instruction. Laura studied Castellano. Richard studied K'iche'. We took a microbus to Llano Coyote to visit the families of Antonio, Carlos and Oscar. They speak the Mayan language Awakateko.
Here is a group picture at the house of Antonio, Carlos and Oscar. This is in Llano Coyote, an aldea of Aguacatán. From the left is Jacinta, Antonio's wife, a baby, Luis, Maria, Laura, two other children, Gaspar, Maria Isabela and Enrique.

Here is a group photo from Andrea's house. She is the novia of Oscar. She is on the right in this image. Their son, Antonio, is in the middle, in the arms of Maria Isabela.

Jacinta has help in the kitchen.

Andrea is pleased to get a packet of photos from Oscar.

Richard had fun showing Gaspar how to take a picture of himself.

Here are the photos the family has by their front door. The photo in the bottom right corner is of Carlos, Laura, Oscar, Richard and Antonio. It was taken in our kitchen in New Philadelphia.

Talk about a room with a view!

Nota de Laura

14 de noviembre - Estamos muy contentos en Aguacatán porque de los bienvenidos grandes de parte de las familias de Santa Perez y Oscar,Antonio y Carlos Solis. Los dos familias estan muy involucrados en sus iglesias y les gustan música. Hoy tuvimos un viaje bonita a Llano Coyote y visitamos en las casas de Antonio, Carlos y Oscar Solis. Despues caminamos a la iglesia. ¡Que bonita es Llano Coyote y que bonitos son los niños!

November 14th. - We are very content in Aguacatán because of the great welcome we received from two families, from the family of Santa Perez and also the family of Antonio, Oscar and Carlos Solis. Both families are very active in their churches and both love music. Today we had a wonderful ride out to Llano Coyote and were able to visit the Solis homes and walk across the hills and farmland to their church. Llano Coyote is very beautiful as are the children!

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Other photos of this trip are available on the following pages: first, second, third, fourth (next page), fifth, sixth.

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