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Laura and Richard's 2006 trip to Guatemala, page 4

From Aguacatán, Guatemala, today we made the arduous trip up the mountain to visit Chex (pronounced Chesh), specifically, Cruz Chex and Chex Centro.

The background is from a "typica" cloth by Francisca Gonzalez of Chex Centro.

Our first stop was to visit Celestino's family. We had a wonderful visit.

We met this brother of Eugenio, Juan and Clemente carrying his guitar (guitar not shown).

We visited the church in Crux Chex and saw the radio tower under construction. Padre Jose David wants to use the radio station for educational and cultural programming.

Did I mention that the radio project still needs financial help? Padre David says he could use big donations right now. Here, the enthusiasm from the construction workers is obvious. So is the coverage this antenna will have.

Here is the view of Aguacatán, as seen from Cruz Chex.

Here is the view of Chex Centro as seen from Cruz Chex. In the upper right corner, you can see the church of Chex Centro. Toward the middle of the picture is the road through Chex Centro. This is as close as the road gets to the church. From the road, one walks up hill. Sometimes the "path" appears to be the middle of a corn field. At other times, it is a pasture or a field of rocks.

This photo shows the beginning of the road to Chex. The modern road in the bottom left corner is not it. That is the brand new road that connects Aguacatán to Huehuetenango and Nebaj. The dirt road in the center of the mountain goes to Chex. In continues to the upper right corner. There are more mountains behind the ones shown here.

In Chex Centro, we visited Martina's family.

Guatemala is best represented by its young children.

Richard walked up to the church in Chex Centro. Here is the group that waited to meet him there. Richard read a short statement in K'iche' and received thunderous applause (at least I think it was applause). This is the church that Laura, Kevin, Maureen and Herb visited when it was dedicated in 2001.

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Other photos of this trip are available on the following pages: first, second, third, fourth, fifth (next page), sixth.

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